Tedx Salt Lake City 2.0, September 2013

Informed by empathy and a love for the places and people he works with, Stephen Goldsmith's work in our community can be seen in neighborhoods, parks, public policies, the creation of affordable housing, live/work space for artists and craftspeople, and incubator space for both for-profit and non-profit businesses.


Speaker/Panelist/Guest Lecturer

2014                Keynote, Salzburg Congress for Urban Planning and Development,

                        “Urban Metabolisms: Empathic Transformation as Community Practice”

2013                Presenter, TEDx Salt Lake City 2.0, Re-imagine the Future of Water

2013                Presenter, Public Interest Design Conference, “Design Futures”, University of Texas, Austin    

2013                Presenter, Mountain West Arts Conference, “A Time of Crisis, A Moment of Art”

2012                Keynote, Utah Psychological Association Conference, “Ecotone: BetweenSolastalgia and Soliphilia”

2012                Keynote Presentation, Association of Community Design, Annual Conference, Salt Lake City, UT, “Legacy of Community Design: Working at Multiple Scales”

2012                Presentation, San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association (SPUR), “Ideas that Matter: The Worlds of Jane Jacobs”

2012                Presentation, Seattle Town Hall, Seattle, WA, “Ideas that Matter: The Worlds of Jane Jacobs”

2012                Presentation, Snow College, Department of Fine Arts, “Living Creatively Across Disciplines”

2012                Presentation, University of Michigan, Department of Planning, Creativity and Culture as Tools for Redevelopment”

2012                Keynote speaker, University of Utah, UROP Annual Conference, “From Best Practice to Best Possibilities”

2011                Presenter, Symposium titled, “Queen Jane Jacobs - Jane Jacobs and paradigm shifts in urban planning and urban redevelopment”, Hafen City University, Hamburg, Germany, “Urban Ecology as the New Planning Paradigm”

2011                Guest Lecturer, Graduate Center, City University of New York, “The Authentic City: Jane Jacobs and What We See”

2011                Presenter, Symposium titled “Erasing Boundaries,” Hunter College, New York, NY, “Working With, Not For Communities”

2011                Panelist/Moderator, Salzburg Congress for Urban Planning and Development, Salzburg, Austria, conference titled “Breaking Patterns-Changing Cities

2010                Keynote speaker, Colorado APA, Steamboat Springs, CO,“Evidence of Evolution: The Emerging Practice of Urban Ecology”

2010                Presenter, Toward a Just Metropolis Conference, UC Berkeley, “The Atlas of Permanent Change”

2009                Guest Lecturer, Dessau Institute of Architecture, Dessau, Germany

2007                Presenter, Historic Districts Council annual conference, NYC

2007                Keynote speaker, Core Commitments Seminar, Allegheny College,“Community       Improvements: Best Possibilities on the Individual, Neighborhood and Regional   Levels”

2006                Presenter, American Planning Association Conference, San Antonio, TX

2006                Keynote speaker, Vibrant Communities Conference, Ottawa, Canada

2006                Presenter, The Creativity Challenge, Ottawa, Canada

2005                Keynote speaker, Risk Revolution: Creative Places and Spaces, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, “Homemaking”

2005                Keynote speaker, Salzburg Congress for Urban Planning and Development, Salzburg, Austria, “Corbusier to Jane Jacobs: focusing on the local”

2004                Presenter, Planners Network Conference, Hunter College, New York City, “Olympic Cities: Case Studies”

2004                Keynote speaker, Structures for Inclusion/Association for Community Design, Atlanta, GA, “A new ethical framework for architects: first do no harm”

2004                Keynote speaker, ULI Regional Symposium, Phoenix, AZ, “Building Community Through arts and Culture”

2003                Presenter, Bruner-Loeb Symposium, Getty Museum, Los Angeles, CA, “Building Community Through Arts and Culture”

2002                Keynote speaker, National Conference of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) Executive Directors meeting, Park City, Utah, “First do no harm: ethical practices in the design of human settlements”

2002                Workshop presenter, Green Space Design National Conference, “Openings in the closed loop: failings and hope in public policy”

2002                Speaker, Phoenix Community Alliance, “Making Space for Urban Arts, presentation on arts-based economic development”

2002                Speaker, “Vision and Ethics in City Building,”Utah State University Sustainable Landscapes Conference

2001                Panelist, National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials National Conference, “Lofts/Art Space”

2001                Panelist, AIA Utah Fall Conference, “Community Design and Public Policy”

2001                Panelist, Articulating Space National Conference, “Creating live/work spaces”

2001                Panelist, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) 2001 EMPACT METRO Grants, Peer Review Panel

2001                Workshop presenter, National Green Space Design Conference – Redesigning the Legacy of Open Space, “First Do No Harm: Ethical Considerations in the Preservation and Development of Urban Open Space”

2001                Panelist, International Council of Shopping Centers Mountain States Idea Exchange, “Enhancing sales tax revenue while preserving your planning ideals”

2001                Speaker, Utah Non-Profits Association, “ The View from City Hall: Perspectives of two former Nonprofit Executives”, with Karen Denton, Former Executive Director, Homeless Children’s Foundation

2000                Speaker, “Developing affordable housing as a community building tool,” the Inaugural Symposium on Urban Design, The Bauhaus, Dessau, Germany

2000                Keynote Speaker, Utah Society for Environmental Education

1998                Keynote Speaker, Governor’s Housing Conference, Lincoln Nebraska

1998                Panelist, Critical Issues Forum, The Future Does Not Compute, with author Steve Talbott, Utah State Capitol

1998                Speaker, “Beauty is not optional,” Utah Humanities Council Speakers Forum Speaker, “Building Neighborhoods with Affordable Housing and Live/work Space,” Nebraska Housing Finance Agency

1998                Panelist, Wingspread Conference on “Downtowns of the 21st Century,” Johnson Foundation, Racine, Wisconsin

1997                Speaker, Utah Housing Coalition Annual Conference, “Mixed-use Housing Developments: Focus on the Neighborhood,” Park City, UT

1992                Panelist, Symposium with exhibition, "Dreams and Shields: Spiritual Dimensions in Contemporary Art," Salt Lake Art Center